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Board of Trustees Recognize Caney Creek Feeder Ambassadors

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees and Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent, honored individuals across the Caney Creek High School Feeder Zone with an Ambassador Award in recent weeks.

The Board of Trustees began the Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. Each campus is visited by members of the Board while they are performing their duties as either a student, paraprofessional, or employee.

Students honored are Peyton McDaniel, Austin Elementary; Ivan Garcia, Creighton Elementary; Jayden Flournoy, Hope Elementary; Landon Malik, Milam Elementary; Ethan Vohs, San Jacinto Elementary; Janeth Galvan, Grangerland Intermediate; Bianca Castro, Moorhead Junior High; and Hannah Galloway, Caney Creek High School.

Paraprofessionals honored are Amanda Ferris, Austin Elementary; Lorraine Mora, Creighton Elementary; Rossana Iparraguirre, Hope Elementary; Maria Barrera, Milam Elementary; Misty Young, San Jacinto Elementary; Karrie Skiles, Grangerland Intermediate; Christie Bushart, Moorhead Junior High; and Paulette Barnes, Caney Creek High School.

Educators honored are Shannon Williams, Austin Elementary; Jillian Linderman, Creighton Elementary; Rebecca Sechelski, Hope Elementary; Jodi Reeves, Milam Elementary; Diana Ruppert, San Jacinto Elementary; Jessica Glover, Grangerland Intermediate; Heather Thompson, Moorhead Junior High; and Jill Tanner, Caney Creek High School.