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Board of Trustees Recognize The Woodlands Feeder Ambassadors

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees and Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent, honored individuals across The Woodlands Feeder Zone with an Ambassador Award in recent weeks.

The Board of Trustees began the Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. Each campus is visited by members of the Board while they are performing their duties as either a student, paraprofessional, or employee.

Students honored are Ryder Molbert, Buckalew Elementary; Noah Strickland, Bush Elementary; Sophia Rice, Deretchin Elementary; Derek Stanfield, Galatas Elementary; Gavin McDaniel, Glen Loch Elementary; Madison Smith, Powell Elementary; Piper Bonura, Tough Elementary; Caylen Coffel, Mitchell Intermediate; Miranda Friebel, McCullough Junior High; Travaris Davis, The Woodlands High School Ninth Grade; Elizabeth Prather, The Woodlands High School.

Paraprofessionals honored are Flor de Maria Henry, Buckalew Elementary; Deann Shosha, Bush Elementary; Sylvie Moseley, Deretchin Elementary; Hannah Thomas, Galatas Elementary; Amber Diamond, Glen Loch Elememntary; Val Stockerl, Powell Elementary; Sheri King, Tough Elementary; Linda Rusinski, Mitchell Intermediate; Rhonda Emberton, McCullough Junior High; Diane Roush, The Woodlands High School Ninth Grade; Michelle Craft, The Woodlands High School.

Educators honored are Karen Amador, Buckalew Elementary; Debbie Archaki, Bush Elementary; Cameron Price, Deretchin Elementary; Dawn Michalsky, Galatas Elementary; Paige Wolf, Glen Loch Elementary; Lindsie Upson, Powell Elementary; Haekyung Young, Tough Elementary; Cyndie Lowry, Mitchell Intermediate; Ashley Harbin, McCullough Junior High; Brian Anderson, The Woodlands High School Ninth Grade; Kendra Meyers, The Woodlands High School.

Click here to view photos of The Woodlands Feeder Ambassador Award recipients!