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Child Nutrition Employees Recognized by CISD Board of Trustees

Child Nutrition honorees pose with Director Robyn Hughes.
Child Nutrition honorees pose with Director Robyn Hughes.

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees gave special recognition to outstanding managers and employees in the Child Nutrition Department at their May meeting on Tuesday night.

Conroe Independent School District awards Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. The Board of Trustees was fortunate to honor five employees from The Child Nutrition Department for their extraordinary contribution to the District.

Carla Pickworth is the cafeteria manager at Birnham Woods Elementary, and has been with CISD for 13 years. Carla takes pride in her management position, and her number one priority is making sure the students receive a quality meal. The campus staff love having her and request that she be assigned to the school every year. Carla is eager to help, an excellent trainer, and can be trusted to complete any task correctly. She has high expectations and will not accept anything less. Carla is a true leader in the department.

Donna Willmeth, cafeteria manager at Hauke High School, has been with CISD for five years. She transferred to Hauke this school year and has done a fantastic job, especially with controlling inventory.  Her food quality is great and the students and staff enjoy having her. She loves working in Child Nutrition and learning new information. Donna goes above and beyond by voluntarily taking classes offered on weekends around the area to gain more knowledge about nutrition. Donna is very valuable to the district.

Glafy Coy has been with CISD for 16 years and is an associate at McCullough Junior High.  Glafy helps wherever needed and is always willing to help train new employees. She is happy to come in early or stay late when needed. No matter what register she operates, she has more transactions than anyone. Glafy is dedicated to Child Nutrition and has even arranged personal appointments if she feels the kitchen can’t make it without her that day. Glafy is an asset to the team.

Maria Guerra is an associate at Travis Intermediate. She has been with CISD for 15 years and goes above and beyond by efficiently making sure everything in the kitchen is done correctly. Her attitude is great and she gets along with everyone. Maria happily helps at other campuses and does so with a smile. She is always willing to help where she can and isn’t afraid of any tasks. Maria is a pleasure to have in Child Nutrition.

Jolea Wiskofske is an associate at Buckalew Elementary and has been with the District for two years.  Jolea has taken on every task in the kitchen and has done a fantastic job.  The students adore her, and she treats each and every one of them as if they are the most important child in the cafeteria. Jolea even wishes them happy birthday on their special day when they come through the line. Her dedication to the kids is very evident in her performance. CISD is fortunate to have her.

The Director of Child Nutrition, Robyn Hughes, introduced the employees to the Board. Trustee Skeeter Hubert presented each with their award and thanked them on behalf of the Board.