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CISD Board of Trustees Recognize Transportation Ambassadors

Transportation Department honorees pose with Director Sam Davila.
Transportation Department honorees pose with Director Sam Davila.

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees gave special recognition to outstanding managers and employees in the Transportation Department at their May meeting.

CISD awards Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. The Board of Trustees is fortunate to honor six employees from the Transportation Department for their extraordinary contribution to the District.

Shawn Livingston, video technician, is responsible for all video requests for South County. In addition to spending countless hours watching, cataloging, copying, and delivering videos to campuses, she also covers routes and assists where ever needed. Shawn is truly a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond to support our schools and staff.

Von Dyess is a driver for the Transportation Center in Conroe. On one afternoon, he was dropping a student off at home and noticed that one of the parents was involved in a domestic dispute. He calmly and quickly called the police for assistance and transported both the parent and student to a safe location. The care and compassion that Von exhibited speaks highly of his character and is truly appreciated.

Angela Abrams is a driver for the Transportation Center in East County. She always has a positive upbeat attitude that contributes to the high moral at our East County Transportation Center. She is very involved with all the employee activities and has been instrumental in the success for our employee picnics. Angie is very caring and has a big heart when it comes to her fellow employees and her students.

Marc Harrison drives for The Woodlands Transportation Center and truly embraces Dr. Stockton’s motto that every child in CISD needs to know that every adult in CISD cares for them. He embraces it so well that a parent wrote a letter about Mr. Harrison in which he described how Mr. Harrison took it upon himself to reward each of his students for being well-behaved by giving them a gift-wrapped book to read over the summer.

David Dauzart is an assistant shop foreman for the Conroe Transportation Center and has been our “go to” person for special projects. Some of the special projects include building space shuttle wings, adapting sound systems, and installing Christmas lights for our buses that have participated in Conroe’s Christmas Parade.  David was instrumental in setting up the “Two Step, One Sticker” program for CISD when the state law changed and also took on many extra responsibilities of the fleet manager when the position was vacant.

Tawana Salinas, a manager for North County, is very dedicated, cares deeply about employees and students, and makes sure that employees with hardships are taken care of through donations. More recently, Tawana received a call around 10:00 p.m. regarding a missing student who was eventually located, but Tawana drove back to the Conroe Transportation Center to go through late run passes in order to verify that the student had ridden a late bus and where she had gotten off. It is this kind of dedication that earns Tawana the respect of her colleagues.

Director of Transportation Sam Davila introduced these employees.