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Conroe ISD SAT Scores Above State and National Average

Conroe ISD students maintained their high performance on the SAT by posting a 2016 average composite score of 1556. The State and national averages for 2016 came in a 1393 and 1484 respectively. Over 2,100 Conroe ISD students sat for the exam SAT, which is comprised of critical reading, math and writing.

Student Number/Subject National State Conroe ISD
Student Number 1,637,589 196,028 2,165
Critical Reading 494 466 521
Math 508 478 535
Writing 482 449 500
Total 3 Tests 1484 1393 1556


To prepare for the SAT, high school campuses engage students in rigorous curriculum. In addition, each high school has a College and Career Center that counsels students in the college application process.

Jim Kacur, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education remarked, “In a year when changes to the SAT were on everyone’s mind, our teachers and students stayed focused on working hard and preparing for success.”

For more information on college readiness, please visit the CISD College Readiness webpage at