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Conroe ISD Seeking Name Suggestions for Facilities

The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees will be accepting name suggestions for Flex 22, Flex 23, and miscellaneous district facilities through Friday, May 13.

Conroe ISD will open Flex 22, a new elementary school that will serve students in grades K-4, in August of 2023 in the Grand Oaks Feeder Zone. Flex 23 will open in August 2024 and serve students in grades K-4 in Caney Creek & Conroe Feeders. Sarah Blakelock, Director of Communications, shared about the timeline and process for name submissions and selections at the April meeting of the Board of Trustees. The timeline is as follows:

  • April 19 – Initiate naming process
  • April 20-May 13 – Public suggestions for names submitted
  • May 17 – Submitted names shared with the Board
  • June 21 – Consideration of naming new schools and facilities

Board Policy CW Local specifies that elementary schools may be named after geographical areas; prominent persons or public officials who have served the District or community with distinction; persons who have gained recognition in education or the arts; National or State heroes whose names lend prestige and status to an institution of learning and whose lives and achievements serve as positive role models for the students who will attend the particular school; and persons donating land or money for the facility. The names of facilities, other than schools, shall also contain a description of their function, such as Deane Sadler Administration Building, Buddy Moorhead Stadium, South County Transportation Center, Professional Development Center, and the like.

Anyone interested in submitting a name for consideration may do so by visiting the Naming Process webpage.