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Conroe ISD Students Continue to Outperform the State and Nation on ACT

2016 Students English Math Reading Science Composite
Conroe ISD 1,606 22.1 23.3 23.7 23.1 23.2
State 142,877 19.4 20.7 21.0 20.7 20.6
Nation 2,090,342 20.1 20.6 21.3 20.8 20.8

Conroe ISD continues to exceed the State and National averages with their ACT scores. For the 2016 class, the District saw 1,606 seniors take the exam, an increase of 14 percent over the number of seniors who took the exam in 2015.

Dr. Curtis Null, Deputy Superintendent of Schools remarked, “These results are the product of the hard work of our students and teachers. We are proud of the continued focus on producing students who are prepared for college and postsecondary success. An increase in the number of students taking this test is one indicator of the great work taking place in CISD.”

The District composite average for 2016 is 23.2, with the State and National averages being 20.6 and 20.8 respectively. Although, Conroe ISD’s average decreased by 0.9 percentage points from its 2015 average, the State and Nation experienced declines as well. The declines are largely thought to be due to the increase in the number of students taking the exam.

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