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Maintenance and Custodial Department Employees Recognized

Men and women stand near a wall holding awards
Ambassador Award recipients pose along with members of the Custodial and Maintenance Department.

By: Gabrielle Dufrene, The Woodlands High School Senior & EfTA Intern

They take care of nearly nine million square feet every year, and are an integral part of offering students and teachers an excellent learning environment. At their June meeting, the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees recognized exemplary Custodial and Maintenance Department employees with the Ambassador Awards.

The six staff members, selected by the leadership teams in each of their respective areas for outstanding service and work ethic, were presented to the Board by Marshall Schroeder, Administrative Director of Custodial & Maintenance.

“We are, by nature, a complaint department. We respond when there’s a spill, accident, breakdown, or other problem, all in an effort to give our students an exceptional learning experience,” began Schroeder, just before introducing his leadership team to the Board.

Members of the Department’s leadership team include Dwight Martin, Assistant Director; John Brown, Maintenance Coordinator; Robin Corley, Carpentry Manager; Salvador Salazar, South Custodial Supervisor; George McCloy, South Custodial Assistant Coordinator; Sidney Strawn, South Custodial Coordinator; Eric Trevino, Custodial Supervisor; Carmen Garcia, Custodial Supervisor; and Oni Yabarato, Custodial Supervisor.

After introductions of the leadership staff, the award recipients were announced. Maintenance employees honored were Samuel Grigsby, irrigation plumber, and Roy Gill, carpenter/roofer. The Custodial honorees were then given recognition: Mayra Quintero, custodian at The Woodlands High School, and Honesima Estrada, custodian at Conroe High School. Additional honorees include Linda Chong, custodian at The Woodlands College Park High School, who has served the district for 32 years, and Cecil Barnaby, employee at Conroe High School, who has served the district for 45 years.

“You’re working behind the scenes… you’re not necessarily the ones that the parents see when they attend a special event. You’re not on stage during graduation. But none of these things could happen without your hard work behind the scenes,” Trustee Scott Moore said, expressing gratitude for the department and its honorees.

After a few final expressions of thanks, applause rang out and congratulations were given from the Board Members to the exceptional Custodial/Maintenance Staff Members. The special district recognition for these dedicated, hardworking men and women was well deserved.