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Ninth Group of STAR Students Complete Program

A diverse group of students stand in front of a Congrats banner.At their April meeting, the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees recognized graduating seniors who participated in the Students Together Achieving Results (STAR) Program. This is the ninth group of students to graduate from and be honored for their hard work, persistence, and commitment to the STAR Program.

Each year, high school counselors are asked to identify ninth grade students who struggled during their freshman year and invite them to participate in the program. STAR is focused on building strong relationships between counselors and the STAR students. As part of the year-round program, the students are exposed to opportunities where they learn about themselves and how to plan for their future. They hold monthly meetings as well as make visits to community colleges, technical schools, and four-year colleges. Students may also visit job sites, complete community service, hear motivational speakers, and participate in the ropes course.

Graduates from the STAR program include: Eduardo Hernandez and Tori Rogers from Caney Creek High School; Breana Constantine, Wallisia Hector, Reanna Hilliard, Cynthia Johnson, and Juan Lagunas from Conroe High School; Cristal Albarran, Abraham Bowen, Sydney Davis, Lacey Flores, Darren Girdner, Marcus Levesque, Ezekiel Martinez, and Jesse Rosas from Hauke High School; Moriah Cary, Cameron Cook, Alexa Glenn, Maria Gonzalez, Connie Pipkins, and Katheryne Torres from Oak Ridge High School; Tylaja Blakeney, Sarah Bonfonti, Amaris Burrell, Akia Franklin, Kendall Gamble, Olga Sierra, Alexis Sparks, and Andrea Villanueva from The Woodlands College Park High School; and Agustin Roberto Brizuela Gonzalez, Wendy Gallardo, Taylon Jenkins, Haley Johnson, Wesley Lochridge, Gilbert Matias, Ryan McGinley, Kaitlynn Mae Mitchell, Kevin Nash, Victoria Mercedez Ramos, and Noah Russell from The Woodlands High School.

Four of the graduating seniors, Alexis Sparks, Reanna Hilliard, Connie Pipkins, and Noah Russell, shared about their experiences with the Trustees.

Laura Willard, College and Career Readiness Specialist, introduced the counselors who work with the students and presented the students to the Board. Trustee Skeeter Hubert presented each student with a certificate in recognition of their achievement.