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Principals Named at Board Meeting

The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees approved the naming of four new principals at their meeting Tuesday night. Anderson Elementary, Birnham Woods Elementary, Bozman Intermediate and Travis Intermediate will all have new leadership for the 2017-18 academic year.

Headshot of Laura Quinones
Laura Quinones

Laura Quiñones, assistant principal at Patterson Elementary, was named principal of Anderson Elementary. Laura has 17 years of experience in education and has served in CISD since 2008. She is replacing Viviana Harris who will be the new principal of Houston Elementary. Viviana has been the principal of Anderson Elementary since 2014.

Headshot of Natalie Buckley
Natalie Buckley

Natalie Buckley, currently an assistant principal at Birnham Woods Elementary, was named principal of Birnham Woods. Before taking an administrative role at the campus in 2012, Natalie was a teacher at Powell Elementary for six years. Dr. Christine Butler, current Birnham Woods Elementary Principal, will open Bradley Elementary in the fall as its principal.

Headshot of Amber DeBeaumont
Amber DeBeaumont

Bozman Intermediate’s new principal is Amber DeBeaumont. Amber is currently an assistant principal at the campus and has served in a variety of capacities in CISD since 2009. Bethany Medford, currently principal at Bozman Intermediate, will take the helm at Cryar Intermediate next year replacing Dr. Lloyd Swanson who retired.

Headshot of Charita Smith
Charita Smith

Filling the principal vacancy at Travis Intermediate created when Dr. Tamika Taylor was named Director of Assessment, Evaluation, Accountability and School Improvement at the February Board Meeting will be Charita Smith. Charita is currently an assistant principal at Ford Elementary and has 16 years of experience in education.

Each of the newly named principals addressed the Board and audience with excitement and gratitude.