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Two-Hour Delay: Tuesday, March 22

As you may know, the weather forecast for tonight into early tomorrow morning is calling for severe thunderstorms that may include hail and even the potential for tornadoes. The latest update is indicating that we may experience dangerous travel conditions early Tuesday morning. With the safety of our students and staff in mind, Conroe ISD will be operating with a two-hour delay on Tuesday, March 22. All school start times, bus route times, and employee reporting times are delayed by two hours. The school day will not be extended because of this delay. This decision was made to allow for the worst of the weather to pass before students and staff start making their way to school. Please see the FAQ below with examples on what this means for you.

What is a two-hour delay?
A two-hour delay alters all morning bus and arrival times by two hours. It impacts the times buildings open for students, morning practice times, school start times, the report times for staff, and morning bus stop pick-up times. Delays such as this are helpful to allow time for weather and/or road conditions to improve without missing an entire day of school. Some examples of how this may impact you are as follows:

  • If your child’s bus typically picks up at 6:15 AM, the route will now pick up at 8:15 AM.
  • If your child’s school typically opens at 7:30 AM, it now opens at 9:30 AM.
  • As an employee, if your report to work time is 7:45 AM, it is now 9:45 AM. (Some personnel may be asked to come in earlier.)

Students will be served breakfast and lunch on days with two-hour delays. A two-hour delay does not change the dismissal time of the school day. Afternoon dismissal and bus routes will occur at the usual time. This delay could impact shuttles between campuses. Your child’s campus will communicate about any specific situations.

Why wasn’t school just canceled?
We believe every day of learning is important. Additionally, many students depend on the meals they receive at school. Often, these are the only meals they will receive in a day. When students miss school, parents of young children can’t go to work and businesses close. If parents are unable to miss work, young children are often left home alone.